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The majority of all of our products are currently under non disclosure agreements, as such we are not able to post most of them on the website for purchase to others.

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We are pleased to announce the continuation of our tutorials and howto sections. Although most of the items that use to live here will eventually be moved to the liaison wiki where the community can interface with items better, we still felt keeping some of the historical articles that we published back in the day would be a nice addition to the new website. Can we say something old something new?

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About Nitecon started in early 2003 at first as a free open source idea. We had many great plans to give back to the community, and thus far we have done so, from tutorials on setting up VSFTPD back in the day, all the way to code snippets on how to incorporate MySQL into a visual C++ application. It has been a long and hard road.

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